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caseable: Find the best phone cases, laptop bags and much more! Make your electronic devices stand out with our vibrant and customizable options.

We are caseable - your shop for cases and covers for electronic devices. In addition to cell phone cases and laptop bags, you will also find cases for many other products, such as our eBook reader and tablet cases. Our cases not only protect your mobile devices, they also enhance their appearance. So you can have each case printed with numerous modern and classic designs in our shop, or even become an artist yourself with your own photos.

We carry the trendiest cell phone cases for all current smartphone models. Whether you’re in need of an iPhone 13 case, an iPhone XR case, an iPhone 14 case or iPhone 14 Pro Max case for one of the models of the previous edition or you already need a case for a model of the 2023 generation around the iPhone 15 - you will find it with us. Depending on the model, you can also choose between different phone case models, such as slim silicone phone cases, durable premium phone cases, or our sustainable environmentally friendly phone cases.

Of course, you will always find cases for the latest generations of iPhone cases or Samsung Galaxy cases immediately after their release, so that you can offer your devices the protection they deserve from the very start. Incidentally, many partners also love working with us: Our Kindle cases have even been certified by Amazon. In addition, we also carry covers for many other major manufacturers in the eReader and tablet space.

Art on your case - with caseable

With our main location in Berlin, we always have our finger on the pulse and get inspiration for our products and designs. New trends conquer the entire world from here. caseable stands for a creative, urban lifestyle and tries to make the unique ideas and dreams of its customers come true with an ever-growing, ever-expanding collection of designs that are in constant flux. 

We not only have a wide portfolio of mobile phone cases: You can also choose between different versions of MacBook cases and laptop bags. Our range also covers all iPad cases and covers for Kindle generations.

If you want to get creative yourself, you can design your case with your own photos or text. Regardless of whether it’s a self-designed mobile phone case, a great PS5 controller skin for your gaming console, a personal birthday present, or simply for yourself - at caseable you will find what you are looking for. In our production facilities, we produce exclusively to order - and thus keep our ecological footprint as low as possible.

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